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Build it for Life® is here to help you find the answers to some of these questions. With the help and devotion of founder, Rebecca St. Clair, our goal is to help you reach your goals; to make healthy lifestyle decisions that will stick with you.


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This month, we are hoping to post a tasty sweet treat every week to give you an alternative to the sugary chocolate bars, ice cream, and fudge you can find everywhere else.  This recipe was originally found in Shape Magazine, but Rebecca and her chef fiancé tweaked it a little bit.  Hope you enjoy these …

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From the grocery store, to the office kitchen, and sometimes it even creeps into our homes….CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE everywhere!!  February, the second month of the year, one month AFTER you decided to make some serious changes in your life with New Years, and society is trying to sabotage us! We have some choices.  We can either: …

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It’s never too late to write out goals.  So, it is officially the end of January.  New Years resolutions were either written and accomplished, never written at all, or put in a category I have recently discovered….the anti-resolutions.  That’s right, some people have decided that resolutions are so worthless, that they purposely do not write …

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Having trouble getting enough water?  What’s stopping you from dressing it up a bit? Think of all the reasons you like other beverages.  If someone gives you a cup of juice, do you struggle to drink it? Instead of struggling to down your 64-96oz of water a day, try dressing it up.  What do we …

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Meatless Meal

I was a vegetarian for a little over 10 years, and every so often, I crave the meatless meals of my past.  One of my ultimate favorite vegetables is mushrooms.  They have such a full-flavor taste that can sometimes be missing in meatless meals.  Portobello mushrooms, in particular, are a wonderful replacement for meat, and …

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It is officially the day that we try to change our bad behaviors and start some new behaviors.  This month, we want to help you formulate your goals and get on the right track for achieving them.  Take a few minutes (RIGHT NOW) to write down some things you would like to change.  Look at …

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This is a tough week for all of us.  We have last minute Christmas shopping…we have office parties….we’ve been baking cookies….we have Christmas Eve dinner, and all day Christmas.  So…..should we just call the whole week a wash?? NO freaking WAY!!! Start the week with a plan…. Okay, so you are headed out for last …

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Busy Busy Bee

One of the biggest excuses for not exercising is time. “I don’t have enough time for it” We want to call out your bluff.  Is it really that you don’t have the time?  Or are you not scheduling it in?  You do have time to watch the latest Scandal episode.  You have time to take …

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Happy Thanksgiving, Seattle!  We want you to enjoy this upcoming week.  However, we don’t want you to hop on the Turkey Train and take it all the way through New Years.  You’ve been working so hard all year, why would we throw it all away for one day? Here are some tips to help keep you …

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Unfortunately, the word diet has such a negative connotation in our society.  I remember as a child hearing my mother and grandmother lament over the subject.  One day, they even found this 1990’s meme of a person standing looking miserable and it said, “The first three letters in diet are DIE.”  It is no wonder …

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