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Build it for Life® is here to help you find the answers to some of these questions. With the help and devotion of founder, Rebecca Jackson, our goal is to help you reach your goals; to make healthy lifestyle decisions that will stick with you.


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With the summer heat finally hitting Seattle, it’s a reminder that we need to amp up our exercise. Build it for life would like you to join this summer challenge. Everyday (or at least 6 days a week!), aim to do the following: 50 push-ups 50 lunges (each leg) 30 second side plank (each side) …

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A new favorite treat to keep around the kitchen for our founder, Rebecca, is OLIVES! Why? (1) Olives satisfy her salt cravings. They are super low in calories (about 5 calories per olive). They are a great “snack” when all we want to do is snack. Olives are also a staple in the Mediterranean Diet. …

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1. To keep my sanity!  Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that help me get through the tough days. 2. For the same reason I vacuum the house or wash my clothes, to take CARE of something that’s important to me; to take care of ME. 3. So I can enjoy an ice cream from time to …

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We have all been there.  We beat ourselves up.  “Jeez, my stomach looks big in this top…” “I can’t wear that, I’m too fat.”  “If I were just a little thinner, I bet I would get that girl/guy…” We are being bullies…TO OURSELVES.  We won’t get anywhere if we do that.  Even if we make …

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