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Build it for Life® is here to help you find the answers to some of these questions. With the help and devotion of founder, Rebecca Jackson, our goal is to help you reach your goals; to make healthy lifestyle decisions that will stick with you.


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Ever been grocery shopping and just felt completely overwhelmed? What’s actually a healthy option? What should you buy…especially if the fridge is empty? We would like to help ease your next grocery trip with these 4 tips. Make a list. Before you even hit the store, think about what you’re going to eat for breakfast, …

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Working out takes physical strength.  We can’t wake up and magically do a pull-up if we have never done one before.  However, the act of training, of getting to the gym, of deciding not to stop pushing ourselves when we are there, is mental.  I cannot stress enough that if we believe we can do …

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