1. To keep my sanity!  Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that help me get through the tough days.

2. For the same reason I vacuum the house or wash my clothes, to take CARE of something that’s important to me; to take care of ME.

3. So I can enjoy an ice cream from time to time

4. Because I would lose 5% muscle mass per decade if I didn’t

5. So I can still walk, stand on my own, chase my grandkids, and challenge people to push-up competitions when I’m 80.

6. Because I’m afraid of getting out of shape

7. Because hard work does pay off at the gym

8. It’s fun.  Perhaps not all the exercises start out that way, but challenging yourself and beating your goals feels good.

9. Because it keeps me focused on other areas in my life.  Having a daily exercise routine can help me stay more consistent about other healthy habits, like eating right and taking my vitamins.

10. Because I feel better on the days I exercise when compared with the ones where I don’t

Have fun & Be Active,


Written by Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca is the Founder of Build It For Life