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Fitness can be fun
September 10, 2015, by Rebecca Jackson
Sometimes exercise gets a bad reputation because, in general, it's 1) hard and 2) time-consuming. However, it can be so much fun which will make it worth the time. Take a few moments to think back to recess or P.E. in elementary school. Remember how much fun it was to run around, jump on things, chase people, climb up high, play side-line soccer, etc? What were some of the things you liked to do the most?

If you loved the sports in P.E., perhaps finding an adult league of soccer, softball, volleyball, or football would make fitness fun for you.

Enjoyed climbing? You can still climb as an adult! Rock climbing gyms are popping up all over the place. There are some great ones in Ballard and Magnolia in Seattle, WA.

Liked being chased? Or chasing? Sounds like you must be a natural-born runner! Find a running club, or a friend who wants to run. They don't have to know that the entire run you are trying to out run them, that can be your own little mind game to help keep you moving.

There is an adult way to do things you enjoyed doing as a child. Just ask us, we'll help you find yours.

Maybe you hated recess. Have you ever been hiking, or tried water sports, like paddle-boarding, or canoeing?

There are tons of ways to work out. A lot of us are busy-busy-busy. Maybe yoga or Pilates is something that would help calm you down. Exercise for you doesn't have to be what Citizen A or Citizen B is doing. Let's figure out what your go-to activity can be.

Have Fun & Be Active!
Your friends from Build it for Life
Written by:

Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca is the Founder of Build It For Life.

Rebecca Jackson is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She is a working mom who believes that exercise should be part of everyday living. She received her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington.