Is there anything more frustrating than working out, and it not being tracked out our fitness devices!?  I just ran 4 miles and WHAT!? My Fitbit or Garmin or whatever device didn’t get ANY of it!???

Please don’t let it ruin your day!  We have all been there before.  It’s super frustrating.  We actually encourage you to post about it on social media.  “Grrr!  I just biked to work and none of it got tracked!”  There may be a few friends who tease you about it, but there will probably be a lot more who can share their pain with you on it.  It will lessen the frustration to remember that other people have also been frustrated about it.  Also, you may have an encouraging friend who says something like “Way to go!”  You should still be proud of your exercise accomplishments, with or without technology.

Feel free to tell us about it!  We will definitely cheer your success; because that’s what it is, a success!

Have fun & Be Active!

Your friends from Build it for Life

Written by Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca is the Founder of Build It For Life