Sometimes, that extra push for our workout just doesn’t feel like it’s there.  We are doing some weights at the gym, or out on a run, and we are just ready to end the workout before it’s over.  How do we move past that?  How do we not just give up and go home?

We remember that exercise is mental.  If we allow ourselves to say we are done, or we are tired, before we are done, we won’t be able to complete it.  Once you give yourself a mental “out,” your body will tell you to take it.  It’s important in those moments to do something mentally to distract yourself.

3 things that tend to help

  1. Remember why you started the workout.  What got you up that day to exercise?  Keep that reason at the forefront of your thoughts.  If you need to, say the reason over and over again in your head or out loud.  “I am here to _____”
  2. Sing every lyric to every song that comes on the radio and try to not miss a word.  This is a mental test and it will distract you.
  3. Count.  Counting “1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2…..” over and over again will also distract you.

Have fun & Be Active!

Your friends from Build it for Life

Written by Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca is the Founder of Build It For Life