5 minute plank!? Ah! Okay, it’s not so drastic or bad! We have split that 5 minutes up among 3 different types of planks, and a boat hold.

Everyday for the month of March, we challenge you to accomplish these 4 planks.

  1. a regular plank for one minute
  2. two side planks (one on each side), each side for one minute
  3. a back plank for one minute
  4. Unknown

  5. a boat hold for one minute

Can you dedicate 5 minutes to fitness everyday this month?  Don’t feel like you have to do a full minute at a time…take it in strides (20-30 seconds at a time…adding up to a full minute).  Perhaps by the end of the month, your 5 minutes of planks will seem like a breeze.  We have faith in you!

Have fun & Be Active!

Your friends from Build it for Life

Written by Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca is the Founder of Build It For Life