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Marianne B.
I've been working with Rebecca at Build it for Life for nearly 4 months. In that time, she's helped me develop and maintain realistic and effective routines that fit my busy schedule (something I was never successful at prior to working with her). Her scientific approach to tracking progress allows you to dial up or down accordingly to get the results you want. She's also experienced, fun, and has new tricks for keeping things interesting.

One of the most valuable things Rebecca does to keep me successful is text me reminders and fitness challenges – I love this! She also gives great diet advice and is always punctual and efficient. We get together and get it done – she's shown me that it doesn't take much time out of your life to get significant results, but you won't believe until you try it.

I would strongly recommend working with Rebecca and Build if for Life to anyone who wants to get healthy, feel good, and see results!

PS – The Build it for Life Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ BuilditforLife) is a treasure trove, don't wait to look at it like I did! Now I read it all the time!"